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HA it's not too bad if you are just changing the oil. Remove the forks from the triple clamps, and then do the following:
unscrew the preload cap
turn fork upside down and pour out old oil
pump the leg several times with the fork upside down to get as much out as you can.
If it's super dirty, refill with gas or cleaning solvent, pump the leg, and dump it out
put in a little fresh oil, pump the leg, and dump it out. It should come out clean.
now, use a cc cup to measure oil and fill the fork with fresh oil equal to the amount specified in the manual (pay attention to model year).
Make sure you have pumped all the air bubbles out, and verify the oil height is even between the two forks.
Screw the preload cap back on, and reinstall the forks in the bike
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