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Riders Discount has a variety of chain tools to meet the needs of every racer, trackday enthusiast, or anyone that wants to save a few bucks every time they swap out chains. Your chain is a critical driveline component and, whenever changing your sprockets, every chain manufacturer recommends that a new chain be added as well so as to keep these wear items safely within tolerances.

To that end, we have a variety of tools that are capable or servicing every chain we sell that work both; as a chain cutter, and a chain riveting tool.

Motion Pro Jumbo Chain Tool
The term “Jumbo” certainly stands out with this tool. Of all the chain tools written about here, this one is clearly the largest … by a factor. The instructions are not the greatest, but that’s down to the fact that Motion Pro, like other chain tool manufacturers, figures it’s best to leave it up to the OEM service manual to tell you how to get the job done. It’s also rather stout in weight and it comes with everything you need to break chains in the 520 to 630 pitch range, which means pretty much every road bike out there these days. However, it will only properly rivet 520, 525, and 530 pitch chains. Of all the tools here, it’s the only one that, with the addition of a separate quad stake rivet tool, allows you properly press soft-nose master link rivets in place, such as those found on Regina chain - for a true endless chain look. MSRP $139.99

Regina Assembly & Rivet Tool
Specifically engineered for 520 pitch chains, this nifty tool comes with everything you need for breaking, pressing plates, and riveting standard flare pins correctly. If all you service are 520 chains, this particular unit is an excellent choice. Since it only can be used on one chain size, everything literally falls into place each step of the way. Particularly useful, is a tab that fits over the top of your chain to keep it from slipping out of position when operating the tool. MSRP $136.95

D.I.D Chain Tool
Another stout tool in our lineup, we’ve had this one in our arsenal for some time. And, to their credit, D.I.D includes a handy plastic carrying case to keep it all in one place. That said, it’s probably the least intuitive tool, but it does come with the best instructions. It can cut, correctly place side plates and properly rivet any 520, 525, or 530 chain sizes. While D.I.D specifically calls out their own chains in their instructions, we’ve used the tool on a variety of brands without issue. MSRP $129.99

RK Chain Tool
The only other chain tool here to come with a proper carry case, the RK unit is an old favorite. You’re likely to find this, or an older version thereof, in the average motorcycle mechanic’s toolbox. It’s priced very reasonably, can break chains ranging in size from 420 up to 530, and properly press side plates and flare rivets on 420-632 size chains with ease. MSRP $139.95



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