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Chain for drag

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What chain are my fellow drag racers using? When I set my bike up for drag, I went to a 530 chain from the factory, due to fear of breaking a 525 with hard launches.
I currently have a 530 chain but i'm afraid when I put the swing arm on at full extension, it'll be too short, especially wity my new gearing.

Racing starts in just a few weeks:biggrin:
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I'm currently running a Regina 520 Drag Chain and I've had good luck with it last year. It doesn't see a ton of street miles anymore, maybe saw 600 miles last year and most of those were going out to do highway pulls lol, but I had barely had any stretch and no tight spots in it. I did lube it before each track day and usually tried to lube it before riding it out to do pulls on the street but I know I sometimes forgot.

I used to run a 525 EK MVXZ and my chain and my chain maintenance wasn't as good with that and started getting tight spots in that chain.

I also run aluminum sprockets now too and aluminum sprocket nuts and that helped save a good bit of weight.

You might have to buy a chain every year if you see a lot of street miles with the regina chain as it has no o-rings but they are a pretty cheap chain.
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my bike sees 0 street miles, strictly track. Just for my own safety and preventing tickets.
I only have 530 sprockets, so, I guess I'll stay with a 530.

Any preference of O-ring, non O-ring, X-ring?
I am using 525 zzz chain on my slow bike. If you want to stick to 530 chain and you don't street ride, go with drz2 non o-ring chain. Non o-ring chains require more maintenance, but they rob less hp due to less friction/no o-rings.
at 68 inches that drz2 chain weighed over 9 lbs. very strong but heavy. dr2 non o ring about a pound less or about same as hd 525 o ring. i run dr2 in case want to turn nitrous on, but all strong chains are heavy at 12 over.
I was just looking at the DR2. That's the direction i'm going to go. Thanks for the info guys.
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525 is fine. I was going 1.40's in the 60 on my gen 4, 525 is what I had, just replace your chain once a season and you'll be fine. Non o ring will be faster but not like tenths, you may see a couple hundreds, but if your running grudge or anything like that you'll be chasing thousands.
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