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Exceptional feel at the lever that’s backed up by powerful stopping power, that’s what you get with a set of C60 brake pads from Carbone Lorraine. Unlike the Maginot Line, there’s no getting round these brake pads when you reach for the lever!

The French-made brake pads are carefully engineered to work with each motorcycle’s stock calipers and brake rotors to provide confidence when approaching a corner. Feel is incredible thanks to a proprietary bronze-based sintered metal friction compound that’s free of unnecessary materials found on lesser brake pads like nickel or lead. From first touch to “please stop … Please Stop … PLEASE STOP!” – C60 pads won’t let you down. That’s because the pads were engineered to work over a wide range of operating conditions - something you’ll notice when you head out for your first track session of the day.

Then there’s the matter of consistency. You’ll see that when examining the friction performance graph, the pads lend themselves very well to exceptional feel from slower speeds all the way up to all hands-on lever braking. Serious riders don’t complain about these brake pads!

C60 brake pads are compatible with the stock discs on any machine that they fit and the ceramic-coated backing plate inhibits corrosion often found on lesser pads where the interface the brake caliper’s pistons.

To order yours, call TJ on 866.931.6644, PM us here or send a message to [email protected] with CL C60 BRAKE PADS in the subject line along with the make, year, and model of your machine so we can get you dialed in!


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