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Carbon Fiber Engine Covers

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I'm selling a set of carbon fiber engine covers for a Gen 4. I got them from Tekarbon in May 2014 and paid $220 for the set. They are in good condition, have the typical wear and tear of being on the road for 2 years. I'm thinking $100 shipped for the set, but feel free to make an offer. Thanks.


Tekarbon Part Numbers:
1 x 2011 - 2012 Kawasaki ZX 10R Carbon Fiber Engine Cover L RH (KW11112-ENGI) = $99.95
1 x Kawasaki Carbon Fiber Engine Cover LH ZX 10R (2011 - 2012) (KW11112-ENGI-LH) = $59.95
1 x Kawasaki Carbon Fiber Engine Cover RH ZX 10R (2011 - 2012) (KW11112-ENGI-RH) = $59.95


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