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I was in a shop(freedom cycle)near halifax novascotia..
Saw a decient deal on 15 gen 4 limited edition with abs..$10,500..
Then i saw a 14 gen 4 non abs green for 13,100...Cheap deal on the 15 but a bit pricey for the 14 yr model..

Im not a staff member or married to anyone there or any of that stuff..Just figured i would pass on some info if any east coasters were lookin..
$10500 over $18 thou and change for a gen 5 is well worth a look...

With our exchange rate maybe even some american boys might be interested..
$10500 cdn is $8007 usd(2015 limited edition abs)
$13100 cdn is $9989 usd.(14 green non abs)
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