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Appears the click problem WAS chain caused BUT drive chain, NOT cam chain!

Finally had a normal day here in coastal CA; with all the weather down time, I changed out the drive chain as it had one stiff area. All appeared normal today

Months ago, I had some clicks at 41k but dealer reported it was cam chain when I went in for a holed radiator. Service admin reported that the cam chain is rated around 35k miles; Now the bike has about 75k miles so I'm thinking cam again; not really happy about that cam chain thought.

So, new drive chain seems to be the answer. Another first one for me. This was the superstreet 525 ZVM whatever; it was old but not sure about miles as it was on the '11 10r originally, if I recall correctly.

41k mile cam chain change out appears to ok at 75k miles!

And weather looking good here!
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