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Does anyone have any cad models, drawings, or solid models of any of the engine or main components of a ZX-10R specifically engine and exhaust.

I am trying to model a header for a turbocharger, but unfortunately I do not have my bike (I live in UAE and my bike is in USA) so I can not get dimensions off of it.

I need to know the dimensions on the Header flange, the space between the radiator and the engine and any other things that get in the way. I know this is a long shot, but I figured I might be able to get it.

I think if i could get the bolting off of the engine + soem basic dimensions of what area I have to work in, I would be alright. I mostly am modeling this as I am building my header from INCONEL-718 and need to figure out the wall thickness of the tubing using some solid modeling and FEA.
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