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Time to rebuild!

Full list of known issues, most are cosmetic.
(See links right here for pics)
Original damage & work in progress: https://imgur.com/a/e1s7hjK
More work in progress: coming soon
Final product: coming soon

Sourcing most things from ebay.

  • Tank has massive dent, leaks fuel
    Gauge cluster glass is broken and LCD is gone
    Headlights are good but broken in half
    All fairings are toast
    Front master cylinder resevoir/nipple/hoses need replaced
    Clip ons need adjusting
    New slider pucks
    New mirrors
    New upper fairing bracket
    New Keys
    *While I'm at it*
    Air filter
    New LED underglow

I don't have much experience turning wrenches myself in the garage so this short list of easy fixes was quite intimidating for me to start. I was confident I could get all of that fixed for less than another $1k, and having a fully functional ZX10R for <$2k was plenty motivation to go for it.

Right off the bat I knew I was just going to bondo & stickerbomb the tank. I had no intention of buying a new one. I used welding studs, a hammer, a slide hammer, and pliers to pull most of the dent out of the tank. After I cleaned out the inside of the tank I sealed it with some nasty shite called POR-15. No more leaks! Cleaned the outside up, bondo'd, sanded, bondo'd, sanded, etc till I got the shape close enough. Slapped on some spray paint, the stickers, and then a lot of coats of clear.

Some additonal tank problems; I didn't wait long enough for the POR-15 to dry (48 hours wasn't enough >_>). When I closed the fuel cap, it was sealed shut. It was a PAIN THE ASS to get that thing back open. After lots of WD-40, hammering, and bending keys, I finally ended up trimming a spare key really short and shoving it in the hole, and prying it open with a screw driver. The wings of the cap had been sealed open, causing the cap to be stuck. Cleaned those up now good as new. Further, when I went to go put the tank back on the bike... it wouldn't fit right. After much troubleshooting it was found during welding the tank had expanded/bowed on the underside from heat. Hammered it back in and it fit fine afterwards. It was an easy fix but it was a pain to find the issue ^_^

The speedo assembly I had originally planned to replace, till I saw how much money people want for them. LMFAO! Screw that, ordered some acrylic, dug out all the old glass, shaped the acrylic and sealed it in. The tach still functions so I just won't have a speedo.

Ordered cheap universal mirrors off ebay, bolted right in and they look better than stock.

Ordered cheaper fairings off ebay. I knew full well that they're cheap for a reason. They required quite a bit of trimming, drilling, and working to fit.. but they look great, and they were under $450. Transfered all the brackets and what not to the new pieces from the old, and installed new heat shielding. I went with close to OEM badges and some additional sticker decals on the lower fairings. Now I just hope they'll last a bit :)

Ordered the OEM master cylinder parts off ebay. Only tough part with that was taking out the weird metal ring clamp thing under the nipple, took me forever to pry that out with pliers. Probably would have been cake with the correct tools.

Sparkplugs were easy because there was a guide on youtube for the gen 3, it's an absolutely terrible video but the information is there and was enough for me to do them. Threw in a K&N filter while I was down there.

Both headlights were good, but the headlight assembly was broken in half. And a new one is also stupid expensive... so I zip-tied it back together and followed up with some epoxy. Good as new >:)

Ordered a cheap LED underglow kit I've used before on a different bike, its $25 but looks no different than the $80+ kits. Ran the wires while the tank was off, it's ready to go when everything else is finished and I clean off all the dirt.

Things are coming together nicely right now. Currently just troubleshooting why it won't start now that I put the tank back on after doing sparkplugs :rolleyes: Once I get that sorted it will be ready for "rebuilt salvage title" inspection. Everything else can wait!

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Oh NO! Fixed the fuelpump issue, but another set back! :'(
Bike runes fine now, but while I was waiting for the new fuel pump to be delivered... the tank had leaked. I foolishly left it upside down in a bucket, so I could leave the fuel pump assembly off the tank. It didn't leak at first so I figured it'd be fine. It eventually leaked and filled the bucket with fuel, stripping off all my stickers and most of the paint D:

Oh well. Had to wire wheel it clean again and starting over with paint. It's just spray paint and clear so only ~$10 in the hole... just quite a bit of time.

As far as legal issues... what a HEADACHE out here in California! $300 just for the DMV fee's because it's a salvage rebuild. And I have to pay $62 for a joke of an inspection to "prove" my brake and lights work on top of that. Nobody in a reasonable distance from me even offered the inspection for motorcycles, so I have to fill out a "statement of facts" form as an alternative. It took me 8+ shops to even find one willing to complete the form, because they didn't know about the form and suspected I was trying to be fradulent. Finally talked one in to doing it though, had to show them DMV legislation.

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Wish I would have logged in to here sooner! I'm about to start switching out my 09 from street to track...… my 10 hasn't been out of the garage since 2011 and has 3500 miles on it with everything perfect.
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