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So I ventured out to button willow this weekend for the first time also the first time taking the ten out on the track. Hell actually it was really the first time i rode the damn thing at all. Any how for those who have not gone yet here is a description of the week end. First off HUGE props to track xpierence they pu together a very nice track day. from the food to TOD's girls bringing waters out to your pit for you. I mean it was a very cool track day.

My first impression of button willow was " WHAT THE F*CK" "I'm not putting my bike on that track" the entire thing looks like a cheap caltrans patch job. so i figured what the hell ill take it slow and avoid the patches. first session out I hated it along with the second and third but hey I just drove 200 miles to ride so im riding. but thats pretty much how all day saturday went.

Sunday- I hooked up with teage from cyclemall (fats guy) and went out on a session with him. Let me tell you just following his line shave 10 sec. off my lap time. thats when i realized that you just have to ignore the patch work on the track and just ride. I had blast I brought my time down to a 1min 55sec. and it ended up being one of the best track days ive had.

I also go tto meet one of the members of the forum sporting his zx-10r.net hat.

we ended the day with my buddy on his 02 R1 high siding in turn 3 and my brother with his honda high siding at the bottom of turn 5. this was the hint that said "GET THE HELL OFF THE TRACK BECAUSE YOUR NEXT" so i pulled off and she looks just as good as it did on friday. I have a few pics and will upload them later now its time to turn on the DVR and watch the gp race
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