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BSB Rectifier Bracket for Gen4 and Gen5

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I bought this bracket from a privateer BSB race team in UK and it worked out very well. Since, I've upgraded to kit harness and kit oil catch tank, which acts as a rectifier mount--so I no longer need the bracket. As you know, the OEM bracket is very flimsy and is prone to braking--as it did for me several times. This bracket is strong and it won't let you down. It fits gen4 and should probably fit gen5 as well--assuming rectifier is mounted the same way.

$25 shipped.


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i'll take it...do the wires need to be extended?
i'll take it...do the wires need to be extended?
No need to mess with wires as the bracket goes in the same place as the original. Only this one is basically a better design.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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