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Brown oil

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While inspecting my clutch I noticed that my oil is slightly discolored with a brown tint, water down, and smells like gas. This oil is synth 20/50 weight with less than 500 miles on it running in a '05 zx10r with 26k.

What would cause this oil to be......in a fuel injected bike?
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fuel smell can't be good. I'd ride it and see if the bike feels good. But wait for the tech guys to get here. They'll wanna change the oil, I'm sure.
Def doin an oil change. I supose the color is not so much the issue as the gas smell and it being thin in so little time.
On a side note, dont know if its relevant or not, but i noticed that this bike doesnt idle real high when I first start it. In fact the idle is lower until its at running temp. Dont know if that normal or not.
could be a faulty inyector that lets the fuel drop inside the cylinder when is off, and goes to the oil...

Im just thinking.....
Is it posible that the clutch burning up could cause the oil breakdown and discoloration, then the smell of gas just coming from old oil in he engine mixing with new.
When i did the oil change just recently, the oil looked stock like noone ever changed it. Just like old used smelly oil. Is it posible that some of that oil from the bearings and just up in the engine mixed with this brokendown oil thats burning up.....hence the discolored smelly?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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