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I've been chasing 190/55 tyres for ages, just like the rest of you. A couple of times I was told that they were in stock here and there only to find that they were 190/50s.
Anyway, my loacal Kawasaki dealer managed to get hold of a pair of Bridgestones, thinking that they were BT-014s. I was willing to try them so I've just called to find out if they had been delivered. It turns out that the tyres delivered are BT-015!! I'd never heard of them (and neither had the dealer). I've found precious little on the web. Has anyone else heard much about these ?
The dealer will call around and make sure they're suitable. We've no idea of compund etc.


-- EDIT:

Just found out that they're OEM on '06 Fireblades.
...and I've posted this in the wrong forum. :suicide:
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