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Brembo reservoir

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Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Carburetor

Need to put a brembo reservoir to my rc19 brembo mc Need ideas or suggestions


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What do you need feedback on exactly?the reservoir stay?if yes Brembo make the Aluminium bracket that mounts to the top M6 bolt hold your rcs handlebar clamp on and has the larger end that sits inside the rubber grommet on your reservoir or you can buy the same profile in carbon fiber also

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And a M8 disc bolt has the M10 collar to secure the reservoir to the stay

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Here's the cf stay with the M8 rotor bolt

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Just buy this and adjust it yourself to your liking. Hell it is cheap enough you can buy 2 and have different mounting options.

I personally have the brembo res kit but with aftermarket windshield and clip-ons the res tends to hit the screen when I turn my bars.

here it is... needs some adjustment still


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