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Feel and consistent, proven performance that’s adaptable to a wide range of riding conditions – that’s what you get with the 19RCS Corsa Corta brake master cylinder from Brembo. There’s not a single OEM master cylinder on the market that comes close to the adjustability of this piece. And by adjustability, we don’t mean reach to the lever (though, that too, can be changed) – we’re talking about how your fingers’ articulation are translated to friction at the brake pad and rotor interface.
Starting with Brembo’s well-known RCS (Ratio Click System), the pivot point of the lever-to-piston interface is changed. This, of course, varies the leverage required to deliver stopping power. You get 19 x 18, 19 x 18 and 19 x 20 master cylinder ratios at the twist of a knob. These leverage ratios allow the rider to tune the amount of braking power delivered to the calipers. But it doesn’t stop there when you’ve got a Corsa Corta. Brembo engineers designed what they refer to as a mapping system.

This mapping system, which has three different settings, each of which can be used at any ratio – adjusts the initial bite of the brake pads:
N = normal map. With this selection, you get a gradual initial bike which is best for road-going or rain-riding conditions.
S = sport map. This setting provides a slightly stronger initial bite that’s suitable for spirited road-riding or the entry-level trackday rider.
R = race map. This selection, obviously – provides the most initial bite and, as the name implies, is suitable for the most demanding of riding conditions.

As you can see, versatility is assured via the combination of leverage ratio and mapping adjustments, all in one Italian-made brake master cylinder.
The root of the system, Brembo’s proven 19mm piston, resides in a hard-anodized, forged aluminum chassis. All the fixtures for the fluid reservoir, lever pivot, brake piston &etc. are fitted to CNC-machined ports for a leak-free fit. When you examine this Brembo master cylinder, the quality of construction is readily apparent.

If you’ve only got one for road and track, and want to improve braking performance, the 19RCS Corsa Corta provides the flexibility you need for all riding conditions. There’s no other unit quite like it on the market today.

Each Corsa Corta comes with all the required components to mount on just about any modern sport bike for road or track use. You get the folding lever, master cylinder assembly, double banjo bolt and, for road-going bikes, a removable brake light activation switch in one box.

To order yours, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext. 817, PM us here or send a message to [email protected] with BREMBO CORSA CORTA in the subject line and we’ll get back to you right away.


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