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Brembo Calipers on General. 2

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Hi Chaps
Newbie from UK.
Just purchased an 06 zx10r, lovely bike apart from it doesn't stop.....?

I've read the other threads on here about caliper swaps but does anyone know which model of bike has brembos that fit? My local suzuki dealer has hayabusa 108mm monoblocks for around 300quid. My question is will these bolt up ok.

Thanks in advance.
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I put a set of the gsxr brembos on my bike. Its an ok caliper. Very light weight. The pads that come with them are not very powerful, so add another 100 for good pads.

Yes, the did bolt right on. On some bikes, you may need caliper spacers to make them line up properly. Brembo sells these in pretty much an dimension you can imagine.

Brembo High Performance Brake Caliper Spacers & Bolts - OPPRACING Products

To be honest, I had to change pads, and add a brembo master cylinder before I matched the brake performance of my stock Concours 14...the gtr1400 to you guys. If I were tryign t do a low dollar improvement, I would for sure choose the gtr calieprs...heavier, but a very nice caliper for the money.

I dont believe the gsxr brembos are any better than the caliper supplied on the 08-15 zx10r. I think Id be a little disappointed spending 300 of your dollars on them. Thats almost 400.00 american.

Before I spent that much, Id save just a bit more and try the gp4 rs. Probably more 450-500, but a real upgrade as opposed to mostly looks upgrade.
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Most of us Gen 2 guys opt for the Nissin calipers off of a 14R. Put some decent pads on and you will notice a world of difference. I'd go ahead and put some steal braided lines on as well.

I'm guessing the Concours probably has a similar Nissin caliper, but can't say if it's a direct swap like the 14R ones, which you're probably more likely to find sets of anyway (Concours riders don't wreck as much).

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Cheers chaps.

I'm guessing that's a zzr1400 this side of the pond.

So these would bolt on-

Look at this on eBay Kawasaki zzr 1400 2006 nissin calipers 36000 miles | eBay
Yes, that concours 14 same caliper as the 14r....same pads, etc...There were a few zx6s that used it, too.

I was after the look of the brembo, which was pretty foolish. The gsxr brembo are better than the 14r caliper only in it being lighter. As far as performance, the 14r is the way to go.

I should have had held out for a set from the 2012 zx14le model with silver calipers.

I wondered about using concours 14 calipers, too, but felt maybe the zx14 takes offs would have less miles on them?

Oh, it does suck to buy a "set" of 8 brake pads as opposed to a set of 4....
Thanks again.

Managed to get some 2007 CBR1000rr calipers for 50quid! So I'll get these rebuilt and try them.

Do you guys know what size spacers are required?
I believe that will be a 5mm, but not 100% sure.

If you buy the brembo spacers, they come on all sizes...you can get 5, 7, 8..etc and set them just where you want to. Of course, you'll need the caliper to do so.

The 07 Honda was one year before they went to a monoblock. I am curious to see how this works for you. The 08 an later are probably a better, but more expensive choice.
If you want a fairly cheap mod that will product amazing braking. Get a Brembo Master Cylinder off and 07 or later Yamaha R1 It will really compliment your Nissan calipers and make braking amazing. Its a direct Bolton and will work with stock length lines. Ofcourse you should replace the oem brake lines with ss lines or carbon fiber for best results.
Thanks again.

Managed to get some 2007 CBR1000rr calipers for 50quid! So I'll get these rebuilt and try them.

Do you guys know what size spacers are required?
Try searching the forum a bit. I'm pretty sure there is a thread out there where another member put some CBR calipers on.

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Thanks again.

Managed to get some 2007 CBR1000rr calipers for 50quid! So I'll get these rebuilt and try them.

Do you guys know what size spacers are required?
You are not in the usa, are you?

A few years back, I got drunk and was playing on ebay. The next week, I ended with with three sets of calipers from a 2011 zx10. All three were new, take off. Why? I really dont know, but i did it. I cant see ever using all three, or more accurately, I cant see even using one set.

Im thinking not many americans would say "50 quid", so shipping you a set is probably cost prohibitive.
I've done some drunken eBaying in my day too. Glad it's not just me.

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It was funny..these heavy boxes start arriving ..im nodding my head like, "Sure, you bet I wanted these..."

Seriously, they were priced at 35.00,, per set, free shipping. The original zx10r brake pads are pretty good, so I was mostly after them for the pads. Good news is I can pot probably 235,000 miles on my bike before I run out of brake pads. And, brake pins, too...

Im running a take off brembo master cylinder form a ducati 1198sp. One of the best purchases I ever made. The feel is outstanding as compared to stock.
I think 5mm is the required spacer for the CBR calipers to mount up. I went with those for my upgrade since they were so cheap and finding a cost friendly set of Nissin's at the time was pretty hard and my wallet wasn't as thick as it is now lol. I think I paid about$50 for my CBR calipers and at the time Nissin's were every bit of $100+. For $50 and whatever the price was for new pads I was really impressed with the new braking power although I think the Nissin's would have provided a better initial bite and feel. I ride my dads 14r from time to time and the bite on those nissin's just feels so much smoother but firm at the same time.
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Yep, like others have said. On my '04 model which had the same problem I threw away the Tokiko rubbish street calipers and fitted some Nissin calipers straight off a 14R. I've tracked the bike since many times and they brakes never miss a beat, unlike the Tokiko that would fade on the first lap.
Thanks again.

Managed to get some 2007 CBR1000rr calipers for 50quid! So I'll get these rebuilt and try them.

Do you guys know what size spacers are required?
I did the same thing about a year ago. Messed up one of my front calipers trying to get the pad pin out. Fireblade 04-07 calipers are pretty cheap on ebay, so I bought a set for about the same as you paid. I tore them down and rebuilt with new seals and stainless lines, and they're amazing now. The Fireblade calilpers use spacers as well (see link below), so if they're included in the sale, you're set. Otherwise you can have them made up easily. I bought a set off ebay from some guy who makes them to order after you purchase. Dimensions were 10mm inner diameter, 24mm outer diameter, 5mm thickness.

Honda Motorcycle Parts 2007 CBR1000RR A FRONT BRAKE CALIPER Diagram
The honda spacers are not a bad option..I had to file one side of them to make them fit properly. Each side, of the honda spacer had a raised section, and one side needed to be flat for them to work on my bike.

For that reason, Id probably recommend the Brembo spacers. Then again, my shop had the Honda spacers in 3 days...no shipping charge, either. My stock bolts were plenty long enough for +5 as well.

I had to order +15 to use my 2016 zx10r front rotors.
Hi Rcannon

No mate , north London uk.

Sorry.....50quid is £50 .

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Cheers for all advice again. I've ordered 5mm spacers off fleabay
Hello just thought I mentioned something here before you get started.

I to own the same model as you're self. I purchased the brembo m4 monoblocks callipers from Suzuki for £300 and managed to get the break pads chucked in for an extra £30.

They would fit straight on to you're bike with no hassle BUT there's always a catch if you don't want to add spacers then contact bike torque racing (uk based) and speak to a gentleman called Adam.

You would require a 320mm brake disk from brembo preferably to keep it all in house as well as a brembo preferably 19x20 master cylinder to go all out. (It stops you're bike on a dime)

Here a picture of mines :


If you're not to fussed and you're happy to keep the master cylinder that you currently have that's fine but do purchase a 320mm brake disk doesn't have to be brembo but spacers for me don't really do it any justice for me but hey that's just my chain of thought.

Everyone's preferences are different kind regards ...
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P.s They are L1-L6 600/750cc 2011-2016 108mm m4 monoblocks.

Am pretty sure any 108mm m4 monoblocks from Kawasaki, Suzuki or even Yamaha would fit yet if you require one for the Italian bikes such as Ducati or Aprilia they are 100mm m4 monoblocks...
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