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For the month of July, we are highlighting the Shorai brand of batteries.

Out of the many brands available in the lithium battery market, we feel that the Shorai battery is the best of the best.

Along with them being one of the lightest batteries on the market, they are one of the few true plug and play batteries out. No need to have special quick disconnects, or brand specific bolts, etc. to install these batteries. install them where the stocker goes, and you are done.

No matter the product, if its electrical, you will have issues. That being said, we have fewer returns, percentage wise, with the Shorai versus the other options on the market.



Remember, with this being our brand of the month, we are offering a low price guarantee on any Shorai product.

If you would like any more information, expedited shipping costs/prices, or want more information on these awesome products, shoot us a pm or an email over to [email protected] Make sure to put "Shorai" in the subject line.
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