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It all depends on if you are looking for street or track and also how aggressive your riding is. Street - regular riding OEM more then enough, really aggressive a good set of HH pads preferably Galfer (EBC = shyte). If you got money to spend Vesrah RJL. Track - new to racing Vesrah RJL, advanced EBC Extreme Pro or if you have money to spend Vesrah SRJL. I personally ran EBC Extreme Pro and WOW. They are supposed to be as good as SRJL but half the cost. All race pads are amazing in dry but not so good in wet. Vesrah RJL are really good for wet.
That's an awesome write up! I thought about trying the Pro's, but heard too many good things about the RJL's. I might try the Pro's next.

Do the EBC Extreme Pro pads have a good initial bit?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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