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2013 ABS Model
\When I did my rear sets I had to put a pressure switch in. Bled the rear-brake after the switch was put in and then about a week later they started to feel squishy. Ive read that the brakes seem squishy but I don't remember them being this squishy and requiring the amount of pressure to hold me stopped on a hill. So I went through and started bleeding them again this time with a handheld vacuum pump. About half way through I got distracted and let my cylinder run empty :frown2::frown2:

I've put about 2 liters of brake fluid through the rear brake lines now and I'm still getting air pockets coming out using the vacuum tool. Rear-brake still seems squishy. When I push fluid out with the lever I don't see any air, only with the vacuum tool.

I'm thinking maybe the banjo washers didn't seal properly but I'm sure I would see fluid leaking from the line. If air was getting in somewhere as well I would see fluid else where I would think?

Help please.
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