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My Sidi boots had been scratching the right side of my swingarm, to the point where it was down to the bare aluminum. I finally decided to fix it this week. Here's what I did...
The damage is from the hard plastic around the ankle on my boot. I guess my foot position needs some work!

OK. Ordered these OEM "frame protector decals" from my local dealer/stealer. $10 a pop. These are the same parts that are on the upper frame, where your knees would rub the frame.

These are the tools I thought I might use. Only used the scissors and a normal ball point pen (and a screwdriver handle later on).

Took the decal out to the bike, found a shape that would cover the area where my boot might contact. Traced a basic pattern while holding it against the swingarm. The pen will wipe off with a little wax, so I wasn't worried about making mistakes.

Cut the basic shape out, then refined it to the finished piece with rounded corners. The scissors worked well. The decals are flexible, but semi-stiff, so it was pretty easy to cut.

Thoroughly cleaned the swingarm on the bike. I scrubbed for like 10 minutes, making sure all the road grime was off. If I had some alcohol, I would've wiped it down before applying the decal.

Applied the decal. Start in the middle and work it out to the edges. This minimizes any air bubbles. Also used a screwdriver handle to help adhere the decal. Piece of cake!

Can't even see it from 10ft away. Looks like a stock piece! This was a no-brainer, easy fix.
Anyways, just wanted to share... :thumbsup:
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