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Bogging when blipping the throttle from idle

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I’ve finally rebuilt the 10R and we’re up and running. I have a couple of issues with it. One - it takes longer to start than I’d like. probably 5 seconds or so on the starter and Two - when I quickly blip the throttle the RPM drops then comes back to normal. If I rev the throttle slowly it isn’t a problem. I thought maybe the fuel line was pinched but is all clear. I also thought it could be the battery not having enough power to pump fuel at low revs. I’ve swapped (not actually swapped as the battery wasn’t in the bike when I got it) for an Aliant YLP07 7.0 AH ALICHEM Lifepo4 Battery. Maybe this has something to do with it.

Other changes to bike to consider:
ECU flash - Superbike Unlimited
Graves cat eliminator exhaust

Has anyone got any suggestions? Am I in the right ball park with the battery or should I be looking elsewhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And for anyone who might want to see what I’m working with here it is.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Automotive fuel system

From this:
Wheel Tire Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive fuel system
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that blip or quick rev rev deal at a stop and a stutter instead of a rev at wrist twist is a ecu flash issue, the map was setup wrong, period. Mine does it, while i set my shit up to pull hard there is a slight overlap where if i do a quick double rev at a light or stop from idle it will sometimes bog or stutter, never figured out what part of the tune caused it but when ii flashed it to stock it went away put the tune back on got the stupid stutter but only at partial throttle and only from idle and only sometimes, dont trip unless it does it when you are already going, then its an actual issue
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