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TruGel Motorcycle batteries from BikeMaster provide unique capabilities that conventional, acid-filled batteries cannot. These sealed batteries use a Nano-Gel substance that traps and retains the proper concentration of H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) in a high-viscosity silica fluid that out-performs conventional lead-acid batteries in many ways. TruGel Nano-Gel Electrolyte batteries can provide reliable starting power down to -40˚F, an environment where conventional wet batteries would have frozen and become useless. High temperatures too, are no problem as Nano-Gel is not subject to evaporative fluid loss like the water/sulfuric acid in wet batteries and will deliver reliable starting power for twice as long as conventional batteries when exposed to a constant 120˚F environment. Perhaps most impressive is that TruGel batteries will not leak if the casing is cracked open. The latter point is a huge advantage from a safety standpoint, especially for high performance motorcycles where jarring and vibration are routinely experience.

An ABS-chassis holds a series of absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators which are saturated with the electrolyte preventing leakage through any seals or the terminals themselves. Between each of the AGM separators is mounted a super-high density oxide plate which produce the high energy potential required yet exhibits a very low self-discharge rate. In fact, TruGel batteries are charged and sealed at the factory yet they can sit on the shelf for a year with no maintenance and still provide enough power to start your motorcycle. The same can be said of it after installation, where your motorcycle can sit for extended periods of time, over a wide range of temperatures yet still provide reliable starting power. For those of you that are meticulous about charging your batteries, the TruGel system is designed to be treated just like that of any flooded (liquid) type motorcycle battery.

TruGel motorcycle batteries are available for most late-model motorcycles as well as many older bikes and come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

These are not yet available on our website, to order yours, call TJ at 866.931.6644 ext 817 or you can send us an email – FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM is the address with TRUGEL KAWASAKI ZX10R BATTERY in the subject line and please be sure to include the model/year of your motorcycle for accurate availability.

Anatomy of a TruGel battery.

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