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Thank you for responding to all my other "problems".
So I don't know where this is from... first I thought the pump, but now I'm confused...
So the when I got the bike I mean sweet jesus I couldn't open the throttle halfway without flying off the back.
Not that's not the case so much anymore.
See the bike runs great... only sometimes.
It only has about 6,500 miles on it.
Sometimes I crank it up and it runs great I mean GREAT... This bike could lift up in 2nd gear easy with a little tug on the bars... that's not the case now either... it only does it sometimes.
Now I am wondering why does it one day run like a friggin cheetah on cocaine and then like a damn possum??? I live in NE Florida and the temperature on the days didn't change that much when the bike ran better.
My only mods are: BMC air filter, Factory PRO velocity stack (bitch to put in), and a set of racing plugs which cost ridiculous amount of money and I think I was drunk when I bought them.
So if anybody can shed some light on this would be nice... I know a lot of people with great amounts of knowledge browse these sites.

Also one day the bike ran so damn horrible.. I mean the noise from the engine was bad... sounded like I dropped a penny in the cam chain... Now I am running professionally installed manual cam chain tensioner... never had a problem, until that day. The bike ran rough idle was lower than usual and it crackled up when revved to about 9,000 RPM and then surged upward. I went into exile and then week later NO ADJUSTMENTS what so ever... cranked it up... ran like it was brand new... NO noise... good idle and great power...

WHYYYYYY??? Why must it torment me so?
What should I do??? I thought about a D valve in the fanbelt, but I mean I don't wanna go that far...

Thank you all for taking your time to help.

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