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Well my bike started running bad and like everybody else I checked the normal things. Plugs changed, Air filter changed/cleaned make sure no oil or dirt in the runners (k-n) just incase, valves are all SPOT on.

Seamed like it was running on 3 cylinders and I found a post where a guy said it was a loose wire out of the ecu. Sounded strange to me but I checked anyway and they are all fine. Power commander is fine did the remove it thing and had the same problem.

Well downloaded the 08 servive book from the how to section, thanks btw and on page 16-41 it tells you how to check this with a meter and damned if it was not right.
My bike runs great now with the new coil!

Stick Coil Inspection •Remove the stick coils (see Stick Coil Removal). •Measure the primary winding resistance [A] as follows.
○Connect the hand tester between the coil terminals.
○Set the tester to the × 1 Ω range, and read the tester. •Measure the secondary winding resistance as follows.
○Connect the tester between the plug terminal and (–) coil
○Set the tester to the × 1 kΩ range and read the tester.
Stick Coil Winding Resistance
Primary Windings: 1.2 ∼ 1.6 Ω
Secondary Windings: 8.5 ∼ 11.5 kΩ
If the tester does not read as specified, replace the coil.
When testing keep your fingers off the leads or you can get a false reading!
Here is my meter and if you don't know how to read it just put the dial on the 200 Ohm (upside horse shoe thing) setting for the first test
All of mine read 1.6 for the test between the to inner clip leads.
when they say 1.2~1.6 they mean it.

This test is done on the two prongs that the clip snaps into.

The second test put it on the 20k setting.
This test is done with your meter black on the Left plug prong thing and the red meter lead in the sparkplug boot hole.
All of mine read 10.7 so I'm sure everybodys are the same or close

When they say 8.5 ~11.5k they mean it!
Look how close below the spec mine is in the picture and the factory good setting. This picture is a BAD coil. I hope this helps somebody save $500 bucks at the stealer.
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