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bike cranks, then battery starts to go dead

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so in my opinion its the relay or regulator? the relay clicks normal 1 per start. then battery tarts to dies. went and bought a new battery at walmert just to test it and turned on. then i turned it off and tried to start same think crank but not turning on. so i charge the walmart battery to full and do it again same thing. Noticed the battery very hot when touching it. returned walmart battery, doubts its the battery. In april i did have an accident where the tank and tail took a beating , the battery tray was hanging when i rode off. maybe sort messed something up and now its when it gave up, is that possible? please help
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it jump starts fine when hopping on it lol
if the rr is bad, you’ll be able to tell with a multimeter or voltage meter. You’ll have voltage readings way low or way high. safe bet if you see 16+v, regulator is a goner.

Else, sounds like a battery. if you can jump it and it starts / runs, that -should- be the battery.
i just put in a brand new battery tried to start it over and over and heard a pop then another one wtf? i hope i didnt mess anything major. the fuses on the relay solenoid are good so what other fuses might of popped and where can i find it?
just took out the relay and it rattles when i shake it..??
2012 13k miles only. i did get in a wreck where the tail and tank took a hard hit in april.. Now replaced regulator and relay still hear a popping noise and burnt smell but checked the fuses that i see on the front left and they're all good. so ignition issue or stator im assuming?
Starter motor was the problem, now it starts instantly with no issues.
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