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Bike chatter

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Hi all,

I'm posting because I got a gen3 zx10r as a track weapon a month ago. I've done 2 track days in Cheste, Spain, and I have noticed the bike chatters mid corner.

As far as I feel it it's the whole bike that chatters, it's a really strange feeling.

When I bought it a fork seal was leaking, so I replaced them and put new Ohlins 1309 oil, 490ml/leg as manual says. Otherwise I didn't modify anything, ghe bike had been racing some 3 years ago and since then it stayed in the garage of the previous owner.

When I first felt the chatter I thought it was coming from the rear shock topping out, so took preload away. It didn't solve anything. Afterwards I thought I could have poored too much oil inside the forks, but I checked and this is not the case.

Tires are FR Dunlop KR106 comp1 and RR Bridgestone V02 medium. I have to say the front rim has a hit, the sidewall is slightly bent. However no air is lost, nor does it vibrate in straight line or when you release the bars, it was equilibrated of course.

Both front and rear are revalved, rear height is standard, front bars are flush with the clamp, SAG is setted for me, 28mm FR 25mm RR.

I have a video where the chatter can be noticed, and some pics of the tires.

First thing I plan to do is new tires as these are done, if budget is enough I'll try to get a second front rim. Anyway I wanted to ask you, do you feel this chattering? Is this normal/inherent in this bike or does it definitely have a cause?

Thank you very much!!!! https://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/59900623e7312/VID-20170812-WA0103.mp4

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Omg sorry, this post can be erased :(

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