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Bike Acting Wierd!!

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Riding my bike Gen4 ZX10 and all off a sudden it just turned off while riding. Got it home and noticed that my bazzaz box wasn't getting power from the power supply which had been wired to the tail light. Found an alternate source to power bazzaz bike ran for just a little bit but turned off again, this time, it started back up but when I went to turn off the bike via the ignition switch the bike would not turn off, had to pull the igniton fuse to turn the bike off? Could these symptoms be caused by faulty ECU, low voltage from battery, or is my ignition switch going bad? Any help is appreciated?
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Did you just install the bazzaz? I would probably start troubleshooting by removing the bazzaz and go from there. Check connections on battery making sure they are tight. You can also check battery voltage with multi meter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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