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What are the best lowering links out there on the market without breaking my bank, looking to lower the bike 1"-1.5"

You did not look short in the other pics you posted. I am 5'7"...If you want to lower it because of your height...Lower the front an inch and if you must do the rear, get some adjustable links that will get you a 1inch drop as well...They are out there. Vortex has a 1.25 inch link...If that is what you go with drop the front 1.25 as well...I would do 1 inch...My front is lowered 5mm and the seat is shaved a bit.

Here is a link I found for you...I have had dog bone style links before and they are fine.

This intrigues me because this guy is offering 1inch ones for my 10R as well...Hmm...I may consider this but then again I am fine flat footing one side.

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