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pics and specs on the bike......also hide your credit cards
Thanks for the welcome guys,
Bike is an 06 black ZX10R with PCIII, shifter, Ignition Module, filters, Micron cans, Pazzo levers, Puig screen, R1 front master cylinder when its in road trim.
Add a home made lowering link, Brocks billet brackets and strap and Akropovic Ti Headders and link pipe for the strip.
I have done track days on ot but prefer the Fireblade (06) for the track (ducks for cover...:dontknow:)
I have been riding for over 30 yrs all up with a fair bit of dirt squirting
I am a bit of a keyboard retard but I will try to add a couple of pics.


1 - 20 of 26 Posts