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Bazzaz QS4 Quick Shifter for Gen 3 OR Gen 4

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I have this Bazzaz QS4 quick shifter I removed from my Gen 4 up for sale. Don't need it any longer since the G5 comes stock with one. I originally bought and used it on my '09 Gen 3 and transferred it to my Gen 4 when I got it. The difference between the 2 is the harness. On the G4, they supply a plug-in harness where the G3 uses t-taps to pick up the gear input. Well, if used on the G4, you just have to tap into the gear position wires the same way. Works flawlessly!

The kit with directions included are for the G3. If you want it for the G4, I have pics and will provide info on where and what gear wires you tap into to make it work. Everything else plugs straight up. T-taps are included.

This is a PULL sensor for REVERSE (GP style) shifting. Comes with the shift rod also. If using this on the G4, you need the Gen 3 shift arm also.

Price shipped to your door is $260.

Control box, connection harness, switch, shift rod, t-taps, Instructions, software, and box are all included.


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