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I've been using the software and unit for a month or so now. Works great if you haven't had a chance to use it! But I have had 1 problem with it from the get go. It will log fuel changes like crazy from 3k-10k, but ABSOLUTELY nothing from 10k-13k :dontknow: It's done this ever since I received the unit. Is this normal or is it broke:mrgreen: I just messaged Bazzaz and told them about my situation. They replied to get it on a dyno to see if this issue is at 100% throttle....I'm lost. That's one of the reasons I got the afm was the cost against using a dyno and my mods are always changing. Not to mention trying to find someone good in my area. Anyhow I havent found this issue using google or the search. Could use some insight on this :eek:ccasion1
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