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Bar end weights

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What are you guys using . This is a track only bike and I sold the CRG set that came with. Any suggestions. Please nothing w ninja or ZX etc on it.
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Zeta Racing from Mike at Rider's Discount. Look great, work great.


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Woodcraft I have them on my Gen 1 track bike. They work great.
thanks guys. Im few weeks out on this second new to me Gen 1 on the track. Mad dash to get dialed .Busy w kids and honey do's but cant wait. Prob is it being track only I cant do a sprited shakedown run beforehand or take a risk. Im a traffic light away from Francisquito Canyon road in Valencia which is hardly patrolled. But i cant take a chance. Its calling me though.
I had the Pingel Delrin on my track bike.

Pingel Bar Ends Delrin Black 62306 | eBay

They aren't fancy looking but they slide well in the event of a crash.
Woodcraft I have them on my Gen 1 track bike. They work great.
I have the Woodcrafts, too. They're on my 10r and my GSXR600. They do slide pretty well, as I learned firsthand on the gixxer :crackup:

As for vibration dampening, I really don't know if they make a difference or not. I have the heavier version which are supposed to help with that.
If vibes are a problem on the track? Get the Motivation stainless weighted ones.
Haven't been on track w this one yet so dunno if vibes are issue. I will just purchase before .
Got them couple days ago. Thanks
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