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bannable site offence

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Well im about to commit a bannable site offence . Nice talking to you all . I am trading in the new 07 ZX10 for a ZX14 on saturday. Yes the 10 is faster on the bottom and midrange . lighter and definatly a better track bike . Unfortunatly as much as i like it, being am 6-4 250lbs gym rat . and my son Is 6-8 and 280lbs we jst dont fit the bike all that well. The ZX14 mighht be 90lbs heavier but is very comfortable for everyday riding and is good enough in the handling dept to do a track day or 2 . i think ther is a zx14 site and if it is half as good as the people here ill be impressed . thanks everyone Jake
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Hey, it's still a Kawi... that's the bottom line! ha ha!

Now if you said you were trading in for a Hayabusa... ehh... ;)
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