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bad tail light fitment

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anyone had any experience with bad tail light fitment on a gen 3 the gap between the top of the light and fairing is horrendous and i cant find any way to make it fit better

fairings and light are oem and there is no damage


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also i am well aware my bike is extremely dirty before people give me a hard time it was just a flood where i live and my bike is my only transport
I just had a look at some Google Images and didn't see a gap like that. Looks like something isn't seated correctly, either a panel or the light, or maybe a spacer or rubber is missing?
everything seems to be seated right and i cant seem to adjust the fairing fitment at all as the bolt holes have no wiggle room the only way i can seem to make it look right is by squeesing the fairings to the point the tail light mount is bending but unfortunately as its part of the plastic fairing and not metal i cant bend it to adjust it
Don't really have any advice but I hope you made it out okay and your home wasn't damaged beyond repair.
Maybe give her a good wash then strip down the tail and put it back together paying close attention to tabs going on the correct side of other parts etc. Maybe you could have a look at a parts fiche and confirm you have everything. That's all I can think of at this point.
I bought a cheap Chinese taillight off eBay a few years back for a gen1....fitment was horrible...found a OEM taillight with all tabs and Velcro and fit like it should....soooo who makes your taillight?
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