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Austin Slip on question

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Hi, Newbie here, back on a Ninja(2016 KRT ABS) last Ninja was an 88 ZX10!!!! before that an 86 Ninja 900 and before that an 82 GPz 550 :mrgreen:
anyway I just came off a 2012 Panigale S that I bought new and loved for all 12k miles but it was time for a change and a more comfortable and economical liter bike was necessary.:mrgreen:
I need a link pipe for the Austin slip on that I want. They dont make one. I dont want a full system at this point.Anyone try another manufacturers link pipe with a different manufacturers slip on?
shouldnt they be interchangeable? wouldnt all link pipes need to match the openings dimensions of the cat? I could be dead wrong :mrgreen:
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Yes I used a Austin can with a 2 bros link!but that's on a gen4!the next can had a 50mm opening and it worked but a complete Pia trying to buy a exhaust hanger to suit!the ARgp2 and gp2R have about a 70mm opening that slips over their link so that would be near impossible to get!Im sure gen4/5 ti header openings are the same just the gen5 headers are a bit longer!my advice don't mix and match just go with link and slip from Akrapovic,Leo,AR,Graves bla bla!there is heaps of options out there and prices range from $350 to heaps!
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