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Hey guys,

I hope that someone might be able to guide me a little bit with my 2016 zx10. I've done quite a bit of research and I'm stumped. I recently purchased the Woolich Racing log box with autotune for flashing and all that good stuff. But since the installation I've run into a few hangups. Specifically I'm now faced with a no start scenario. Whats even more perplexing is that after the install and flashing and a little tweaking - the bike fired up.

Vid of it running:

But right after I put on the plastics, it went into a no fire(just turned over) with all the power modes flashing. I found a post on here where reinstalling the firmware on the woolich box and the flashing and clearing codes fixed that. Well, it did fix the power modes flashing, and codes. But I'm still getting a no start.

*Triple Checked Wiring
*No codes being thrown
*bike just turns over but doesn't fire up

Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do? I've tried putting just the base flash on there with only servo disabled on the ecu and no luck. :(

Happy thanksgiving!
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