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Are wheels from different brands/bikes compatible?

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Hi Guys,

4th Gen ZX10r owner here with a question for motorcycle tech gurus. First off, let me preface my question by saying that I've been a bicycle fanatic for nearly all my 39 years I've built up many custom bicycles and there's a certain level of universality in that industry. Swapping back and forth generally isn't much of an issue there. I also do all my own wheel, tire, chain, sprocket and bearings on motorcycles so I understand the basics of these systems.

Now, my question stems from an aesthetic desire for my 10r. You see, I dislike 3 spoke wheels and I eventually want to get 5 or more spokes on either end. BST carbons are obviously at the top of my list but I have 3 kids to feed and BSTs aren't realistic.

On the other hand, I would have no problem putting together a Frankenstein wheel set and powdercoating them to match. Perhaps a Triumph 675 front wheel (I've read that they are the lightest OEM wheel) and a Z1000 rear? If the Z1000 rear is compatible but too heavy, then I'd try and find a 5 spoke rear from a late model Yamaha R1 or something like that. I'd even be willing to pair a 5 spoke on the front with a 6+ spoke from something else on the rear. Perhaps a late model CBR1000rr or S1000rr rear wheel? I don't want to use an older gen 10r wheel because they are heavier.

Is this even possible? I had a look at a Yamaha R6 front wheel but the bolt spacing for the brake rotor is different.

Any input and advice is much appreciated.

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