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Are Gen 1's Still Alive?

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I own a 2005 Gen 1, I’ve been absent from the Forum for a long time. My bike is in mint condition, 10,000 miles, Akra CF Hex exhaust, BST CF wheels, rear sets and numerous other mods. Looks brand new and runs perfect, still take for occasional blasts, but primarily ride my other bike.

I am curious how many other Gen 1’s are still out there being ridden actively? Is this bike disappearing from the world? Too old and obsolete? Would love to hear how many Gen 1 owners are still out there and riding it.
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Still my favorite looking generation.....and no one wants to sell! I finally tracked down a '05 titanium with only 1k miles but has the usual rusty tank and clogged fuel pump filter issue

How many owners have a crack(s) in the frame? That's a more serious problem
Looks good. I'd be interested, but have no idea what it would take to get it titled in the US (or if it's even possible) - have you dyno'd it? Checked for frame cracks (underneath where it bolts to the engine)?
Looks good, but what I've read is the aluminum is thin and will often re-crack in the same place(s), especially if subjected to stresses of racing or hard drops from wheelies.

Kawasaki made every effort to make the bike light so it's not the super strong frame that was on the original 7R for example. I think more frames are cracked than owners realize, it's easy to miss
First thing I checked before I handed over cash was the frame. Mine is good to go. Original owner was like "I don't do wheelies". It shows because my bike is clean. I am still amazed at how new this 17 year old bike looks.
Did you just get it? How many miles? Picture?
I was only an issue on Gen 1 and possibly some Gen 2s
Good miles, what's the issue(s)? Frame cracks? Valve spring retainers? Transmission?
Hyperpro mounted - very happy with it, 2000 miles on the clock!
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