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Are Gen 1's Still Alive?

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I own a 2005 Gen 1, I’ve been absent from the Forum for a long time. My bike is in mint condition, 10,000 miles, Akra CF Hex exhaust, BST CF wheels, rear sets and numerous other mods. Looks brand new and runs perfect, still take for occasional blasts, but primarily ride my other bike.

I am curious how many other Gen 1’s are still out there being ridden actively? Is this bike disappearing from the world? Too old and obsolete? Would love to hear how many Gen 1 owners are still out there and riding it.
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Picked up 3 weeks ago... 7500 miles.
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Bunch of misc work and maintenance items done over the winter. New chain and sprocket. Got a set of Nissin calipers coming. Brakes are still not great, even with R6/Brembo master, new pads and braided lines. However, the bike runs so damn well. Hoping to head to Arkansas in April and get these tires scrubbed in.

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First thing I checked before I handed over cash was the frame. Mine is good to go. Original owner was like "I don't do wheelies". It shows because my bike is clean. I am still amazed at how new this 17 year old bike looks.
Did you just get it? How many miles? Picture?
look up a few posts. I got it last fall.
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