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Are Gen 1's Still Alive?

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I own a 2005 Gen 1, I’ve been absent from the Forum for a long time. My bike is in mint condition, 10,000 miles, Akra CF Hex exhaust, BST CF wheels, rear sets and numerous other mods. Looks brand new and runs perfect, still take for occasional blasts, but primarily ride my other bike.

I am curious how many other Gen 1’s are still out there being ridden actively? Is this bike disappearing from the world? Too old and obsolete? Would love to hear how many Gen 1 owners are still out there and riding it.
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Beautiful bike ZX! Here's mine, hope other Gen 1's will report in they're still alive


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Just sold mine about two weeks ago but she was showroom clean and rode like a bat outta hell still.
How many miles did it have, and how much did you get for it?
Wow, that's low mileage. Sounds like $5K is about the value these Gen 1's are hanging on to. I've got more than that in mods alone on mine! Just the BST CF wheels were $3,500! (but worth every penny)!

Lots of reads, but not many responses to this thread, are we a dying breed?
Man it's cool to see such classic beauties are still rockin'! Keep the pics coming!
Wonder if one day these could become Collector's items!?
Any more out there? C'mon Gen 1 owners chime in!
Keep 'em coming boys! Great to see the 1st Gen is still rockin' out there, so many stories, look what Melampus's bike has been through, but he's slowly bringing her back to snuff. Eplusz, what a beauty, show bike for sure!
Beautiful bike! Keep it going!
Great looking bikes guys! The camo paint job is cool! Keep 'em coming, there's got to be more out there!
I'm still riding my '04 that I've had since new. 97,500 km on it now. It's getting to the point where there's always something that needs fixing; last year it was engine, now it's brakes, and they're beyond being sorted out with new wear parts (already tried that). I haven't found anything that I like riding more ...
Nice bikes boys! Keep fixing it as needed, well worth keeping alive!
Beautiful Arctic! Go Green! I do still get lots of compliments on my "bad ass" Gen 1! Still looks current, just no electronics.
Nice to see all these Gen1s still going. I posted on the Gen1 forum about my trans. 2nd went bad. If you have experience with it please read my post. Thanks. Getting ready to split the cases.
Too many power wheelies perhaps?!

Keep those photos coming!
Mines still kicking
Lau, How does your Gen 1 hold up against the newer bikes on the track?
Very interesting Otto, that the newer bikes are that much faster on the straights. But mainly, sounds like your still having fun with your Gen 1 on the track! I put BST carbon fiber wheels on mine, and it made a huge difference in acceleration and braking. In the mountain twisties, I can give newer bikes a run for their money big time. Granted no long straightaways, but the Gen 1 is still fast.
Otto, post a pic of your Gen1 track bike!

What is the V8 Heavyweight class? Are you competing against 2017/18 bikes with your Gen 1? Very impressive list of victories, congrats! Bike looks sweet.
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