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Hey out there...anyone running the black extreme Ixil's on an '06 ? I keep getting pulled back to their unique looks and they're nice and small. I've gone back and forth on running duals or a single and I think the duals still have some attraction for me. So if anyone is running them I have a few questions....

1) Looks...how do they look in real life ?
2) Sound...I run A&R baffles now and they sound great, how do the Ixil's sound ?
3) Repack...has anyone repacked them yet and did you get a repack kit from indysuperbikes or some other source ?
4) CF...I wanna see if I can get them in CF because I run a tailpack that has to wrap around and hook up to my pass pegs. That could be a factor in my buying decision.

Thanks in advance...
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