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Anyone else using gen 2 tank on gen 1

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Due to lack of gen 1 good tanks i bought a gen 2 tank. I read that it's been done but the gen 1 air box touches a bit. I got the tank on but it does squish down on the airbox a bit. Just wanna know if that's caused issues for anyone long term.
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Sorry I can't answer your question but is it possible you could ad some spacers to create a little clearance? That would be better I'd think.
I did shim it up a bit but don't want too much gap Between tank and frame.
I haven't seen pictures of where it's touching but to shape surgical in the past Iv used a hot iron and pressed it to the shape I want, I expect your only talking 1-2mm so your not going to lose airbox volume.
Another way is to use a heat gun and metal plate of some description.
I loosened the rear bracket and tank shifted a bit. Fits much better. Still touches air box but not enough to cause a concern
i have had a Gen 2 on my Gen1 for 6 years now.
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