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Anybody Else With Shifting Problems?

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Hi All,

Been away for a while, glad to see the board is still thriving!

Soon after I got it (2011 model purchased used in 2014 with 3Kmi) I began to notice it was somewhat easier to shift up than down, but it wasn't really a problem.

45,000 miles later, the difference is more noticeable, and the shift lever has failed to return a few times. Looking at the manual, the shift mechanism has gotten more complex by an order of magnitude. I've ordered a bunch of parts (shift star, position lever, springs, and pieces to rebuild the ratchet assembly(?)

Just got an email saying the pawl (13165-0018), collar (92152-1414), and spring (92145-1490) are on national backorder.

I also just saw this thread where it is mentioned that early Gen 4's had transmission problems. Anybody care to elucidate? or point me to a thread on this?
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