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If you’ve cracked open a motorcycle magazine in the last few years … wait, no – if you’ve visited a motorcycle magazine website in the last few years, then you’ve seen more and more ramblings about lithium iron phosphate motorcycle batteries. Aftermarket options are becoming more numerous as time passes, all with their own positives and negatives, to make a physics joke, that is.

Antigravity took a look at one of the most challenging aspects (the big negative, haha!) of LiFeO4 batteries, the point of no return low-voltage state. That is, without manufacturer-specific charging equipment, once a lithium motorcycle battery falls below a certain voltage, it’s not possible to re-charge it using an over-the-counter powersports-type lithium battery charger. The battery either has to be sent back to the manufacturer to be re-charged or properly disposed of. While this usually isn’t a problem for most users, it can become an issue if your bike’s charging system fails, or you leave your bike with an unknown parasitic electrical drain sitting for too long without a charge.

Conversely, over-charging a lithium ion battery can be just bad, which is why anti-sulfation-type trickle chargers are a big no-no. A non-functioning regulator on your machine that’s delivering excess voltage through the charging system on your bike can also cause the same problem, unbeknownst to you while you ride along.

“What can we do to prevent that problem?” asked the engineers at Antigravity.

The solution is the RE-START series of batteries from Antigravity. Each unit is built with additional features that not only prevent the low-voltage state but also mitigate the worry of over-charging. It’s the first battery with its own built-in Battery Management System (BMS). This circuitry monitors input and output voltage to prevent a dead battery. There’s even a built-in sleep function that, when parasitic drain from electrical accessories on your machine would have otherwise completely drained your battery - it disconnects itself from the charging circuit with enough remaining voltage to start your machine then next time out.

That is, if you ever find your RE-START-equipped machine with a flat battery, just press the restart button on the battery’s chassis and starting voltage is restored allowing you to hit the road without having to fuss with jumper cables, let alone wait for someone else to come along for the jump.

All that, and the BMS system insures the battery’s internal cells are balanced whenever incoming power is present. This makes it possible to carry the maximum safe charge to give you maximum cranking amps the next time you thumb the starter button.

And if that’s not enough, the advantages of a smaller, lighter battery are always a nice touch too. In fact, all of these features would be excellent on a lead-acid item, but they can only be found here.

To get one of these high-tech, reliable batteries to fit your bike, call TJ on 866.931.6644 ext 817, send an email to [email protected] or PM us right here; however you do it, please be sure to let us know exactly what machine it is that you’re riding by make, year, and model so we can get you set up right!


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