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Well as most everyone knows alot of people from south went to jenningsgp. well the group number was never totaled however there were 21 preregistered and more showed up. the kneedrager forums are buzzing about that. the jennings form "holly hell that was alot of people, and i heard one groupe was almost 30 from the north/south carolina area!" I knew we would have fun but didnt know how many people would take notice. I have personaly visited 4 forums this morning and there are 2 threads in everyone. 1."ama at barber" 2 "did ja see the crowd at jenningsgp!" So good job to all that participated and helped out!

SC's Experience.

Well folks this was awsome i did have to tango with a zx10 in one of my sessions. kickin his ass in the corners but in the straits he would just pull away from me... learned how to draft and wow what a difference. the new 636 trackbike rode AWSOME!!! draggin toe for most of the day. was really impressed with the little baby bike at high RPM's


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