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I would like to welcome you all to the April Clear Alternatives Giveaway!

Its another chance to win a great prize courtesy of Clear Alternatives.

You can visit their website at http://www.clearalternatives.com.

Tobin at http://www.clearalternatives.com would like to offer our ZX-10R.net members an exclusive deal:

They will offer a 10% discount on their products for ZX-10R.net members (you do not need to own a ZX-10R to get the discount but you must be a member).

How do I save 10% on my Clearalternatives.com order?

There are three ways to order and save:
1. Call in 1-866-257-5367 (Mention ZX-10R.net for 10% off)
2. On-line (put ZX-10R.net) under company name
3. Order on-line, send additional e-mail requesting discount

This is a giveaway, there's nothing to do (aside from replying), so I would expect user participation to be pretty good on this one.

How to enter: Reply to this thread
How to Win: Winner will be chosen at random (by YSR50's Daughter).
What you Win: 2004 ZX-010R (WIth chrome bulbs) EURO STYLE FLUSH MOUNT - US MODEL
Description: Chrome coated bulbs included. Flush mount (Euro style). FOR US MODELS. This is a complete unit needed to convert your US model turnsignal into Euro spec signal. EUROPEAN MODEL BIKE USE PART# CTS-0033-1.

Where can I find/buy/see it? : http://www.shopserv3.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CA&Product_Code=CTS-0033&Category_Code=KAWASAKI.1

Good luck!

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Maybe this will make the final color choice for me!

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