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The same suit our very own #44 Taylor Knapp has crash-tested more than a few times – Alpinestars Race Replica suits come with the best protection possible for the trackday guy all the way up to Casey Stoner & Dani Pedrosa.

Exterior armor plates on the shoulders, elbows and knees distribute impact force over a wider area to reduce the blow to the wearer. These are all backed-up by armor with multiple-stitch leather construction sandwiched in between.

Included with this suit is a separate Bionic Race back protector, CE level 2 certified, for maximum protection. Soft foam armor is located in the hips, coccyx and chest. The latter of which, is upgradeable to the Bionic Chest Pad for top-of-the-shelf protection.

Call TJ at 866-931-6644 ext 817 so he can size you up and ship out your suit fast. We’re an authorized Alpinestars Suit Center which means expert fitting guidance and hassle-free exchanges. You can also send email us – FORUM at RIDERSDISCOUNT dot COM is the address and please be sure to include your height and weight in your email so our experts can get you the size that’s best for your needs.

Knee protection in spades

GP sliders included

Stretch panels in the knees

Perforations on the chest

Perforations on the back too

Ventilation on the back of the neck too

Shoulder vents

High-quality stitching abounds!

Stretch panels on the calves too

Neoprene at the wrists for easy on and easy off

External armor on the knees

There’s also a special material molded onto the inside of the knees that makes holding onto your bike a little easier.

External elbow armor with built in vents

Removable internal liner

Made in Italy
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