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Aimed at the road-going rider and the trackday enthusiast, the KR-Cell back protector from Alpinestars offers a great balance between comfort and protection. Being that it’s one of the lighter back protectors in the Nucleon range, you’ll find the unit almost melts away from your notice once you put on your jacket or riding leathers.

Each KR-Cell provides CE Level-1 protection via a unique polymer mixture that gives the outer-facing shell a unique arachnid appearance. This outer shell not only delivers real impact-absorbing performance, but also , puts a layer of air between your leathers and your back to keep you cool. Not only that, but you get excellent flexibility. The back protector quickly molds itself to the shape of your body soon after putting it on.

Comfortable shoulder straps can be cinched for the perfect amount of tension and adjustable kidney straps keep everything in just the right place. If you want, said shoulder straps can quickly be removed if you have a properly sized suit to hold it in place.

MSRP $99.95
Available in five different sizes to fit a wide range of shapes, give TJ a call on 866.931.6644 ext 817 for the best sizing guidance in the business. PMs are always answered quickly and email queries can be sent to [email protected] with KR CELL BACK PROTECTOR in the subject line.


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