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Alpinestars Motegi Two Piece suit

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Worn one time for about ten minutes. It is too big for me. Size 54 Europe size, 44 American. Jacket can be worn alone. Like I said worn one time. I put it on, rode to the gas station. Went back home and took it off.
$550 plus shipping

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Pic doesn't work. Is there anything you didn't like about it?

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Pic is showing in the post on my computer and my iPhone. Don't understand why you can't see it. Message me your email or phone number and I will send pic. Nothing I don't like about the suit except it is just too big for me. It looks great.
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Just throwing this out there, if anyone just wants the pants to add to their existing jacket, maybe OP would sell them separately.

I only need the jack since I've got a suit :(

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This is a great suit for the price.
Do you mind telling me your height, weight, and build? Would like to see if I could fit in to it.
I'm 5'8' 170lbs with most of the weight in my gut. this suit is made for someone 5'10 to 6' at around 200 to 220. I have to buy suits to big because of my gut. This was on closeout so I took a chance. Since it was on closeout I can't return it. It's really a great suit. like I said I wore it one time for about 10 minutes. Rode to gas station then right back home. Did not even break a sweat. I'll ship it free to the lower 48 states.
Price drop $500 shipped to lower 48 states
Price drop $450 Shipped to lower 48
Bump $375 free shipping in US
Whqt color? Pics dont work anymore from photobucket..only you can see them cause it's ypur account. You have to pay to link them now.
I can send you pic via email if you like. The suit is black with white. Worn one time for about 15 minutes.
Yeah, please do.
Sending a pm
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