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Always moving forward, GP Pro gloves from Alpinestars are now on their third iteration of their most popular road and race motorcycle gloves. This race-proven glove gives you all of the meat with none of the fat. It’s a refined glove that’s ready-made for the most discerning of riders. We say refined because it’s difficult to improve upon what is arguably one of the most comfortable gloves you can find on the market today, so let’s go over the details.

Starting in the knuckles, the hard armor that was placed on the proximal phalanges is gone. Instead, flexible accordion sashes are put in their place. The armor is now moved onto the distal phalanges where it’s more likely to come into contact with pavement in the event of a fall. Furthermore, an extra layer of leather covers these areas to enhance abrasion resistance.
-New model on the left and the older model on the right.

Further on the back of the hand, the perforated leather is now gone. In its place is another set of accordion-sewn leather to enhance flexibility while you roll on the throttle. While some may question the decision to remove the vent and perforated leather, the difference in cooling capacity will go unnoticed, in part, because the thumb now features a perforated leather segment on the side that doesn’t face the grip.

Moving onto the palm-side of the gloves, the differences are yet more subtle, but the improvements are clear. A careful selection of high-quality kangaroo, bovine and goat leather is affixed here, each serving a unique purpose. On the pinkie-side of the glove, an extra swatch of leather runs from the tip of the finder all the way back to the hook-and-loop color covering. It’s further aided by a DFS plastic insert. This arear typically gets beat up the most in a crash, so the material is a clever addition that doesn’t inhibit front end feel. The high-wear areas are covered by an extra sash of leather and you’ll also notice that the stitching interface between the palm-facing part of the finders and their sides is a little beefier than in years past.
-New model on the left and the older model on the right.

Inside the gloves, a larger Aramidic fiber lining is used for added durability in vulnerable areas on the back of the hand as well as common crash landing zones.

These subtle differences make up what is clearly a continual evolution of a race-proven design from the venerable Italian company. You get enhanced durability, crash protection and especially, more comfort when compared to the previous variants of the GP Pro glove!

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 gloves are available in several colors. Take advantage of expert sizing advice by sending us a PM or a note to [email protected] with ALPINESTARS GP PRO GLOVES in the subject line and we’ll get back to you right away. You can also call TJ at 866-931-6644 ext 817


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